16-19 NWSA Fall Classic & Futurity; Contact Jill Webberley, 360-606-1090.

16-19 UPHA Chapter 12 North Carolina Championship Charity; Contact Peyton Hamilton, 803-431-1991, or Beth Snider, 502-314-7960,

17-19 KASHPA Kentucky State Future Championship and Kentuckiana Region Academy Championship; Shelbyville, KY; Contact Chad Cole, 502-893-7792, or Carol Barbee, 502-245- 5596,

17-20 Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival; Oshkosh, WI; Contact Paulette Healey, 262-242-2559 or visit

18-21 Eastern States Horse Show; W Springfield, MA; Contact Stacey Hathaway, 413-205-5016 or visit

20 San-N-Tone Series, Shelbyville, KY; Contact Sandy Stewart, 502-722-9330, or visit

23-26 St. Louis National; St. Louis, MO; Contact Peter Fenton, 859-321-9281, petervoice1234@gmail.comor visit

24-26 ASHAV Horse Show; Lexington, VA; Contact, 804-363-3085 or visit

25-26 Dallas Fall Classic; Dallas, NC; Contact Kathy Carpenter, 704-308-0126.

30-10/3 Kentucky Fall Classic; Lexington, KY; Visit


1-4 Monarch Show Series National Championship; Springfield, IL; Contact Kristen Pettry, 815-347-4395; or visit

1-4 Deerfield Fair; Deerfield, NH; Contact John Lampropoulos, 603-770-1884, or visit

2-3 KVHA Show; Charleston, WV; Contact Lanette Anderson, 304-549-0831; or visit

2-4 Blue Ribbon “Pop Up” Horse Show; Springfield, OH; Contact Evette Moody, 937-623-7934.

8-10 CANCELLED ASHAM Charity Fall; East Lansing, MI, Contact Sara Ressler, 248-922-0148, or Ron Gekiere, 586-484-8790,

8-11 NTASHA UPHA Fall Classic Horse Show; Fort Worth, TX; Contact Brent Cowan, 214-679-8597, or visit

9-11 Octoberfest; Cannon Falls, MN; Contact Bill/Wendy Couch, 612-325-2381, or visit

9-11 Salina Charity; Salina, KS; Contact Kelly Smith, 816-217-7847, or visit

10 Northern Kentucky Master’s Class Horse Show; Burlington, KY; Contact Kim Smith, 859-462-0171.

14-17 North Carolina State Fair; Raleigh, NC; Contact Joyce Wilson, 919-365-5149, or visit

14-17 Southern Saddlebred Fall Finale; Murfreesboro, TN; Contact Jackie Hale, 205-862-8851, or Scarlett Mattson, 270-547-8664 or visit

15-18 Mid-America Mane Event; Springfield, IL; Contact Stephanie Peterson, 612-708-9753, or visit

23-25 Heartland Spooktacular; Springfield, OH; Contact Judy Peters, 614-402-1260,

23-25 IASPHA Fall Show; Gurnee, IL; Contact Kristen Pettry, 815-347-4395, or visit

24-25 Central States Fall Classic; Sebalia, MO; Contact Lynn McCallister, or visit

29-31 California Saddle Horse Futurity; Las Vegas, NV; Contact Lawrence Witter, 661-252-0907,

29-11/1 Twin State Octoberfest; West Springfield, MA; Contact John Lampropoulos, 603-770-1884, or visit

30-31 Robertson Equine Sale; Shelbyville, KY; Contact Jimmy Robertson, 502-802-6977 or Helen Robertson, 502-802-6777or visit

30-11/1 Harvest Days Holiday Festival; Tampa, FL; Contact Pam Roush, 813-765-7162, or visit


8 San-N-Tone Series; Shelbyville, KY; Contact Sandy Stewart, 502-722-9330, or visit

9-14 UPHA American Royal Horse Show; Kansas City, MO; Visit

11-12 Bland County Fair; Bland, VA; Bland, VA; Contact Denise Romano, 276-688-4214,

12-15 Equine Affaire; W. Springfield, MA; Visit

13-14 Clemson Fall Classic; Clemson, SC; Contact Liz Holmes, 919-672-3741,

20-22 Georgia Fall Classic and 2020 UPHA Horsemanship Challenge; Perry, GA; Contact Bruce Payton 321-750-5337,


3-6 Jingle Bell; Del Mar, CA; Contact Lance Bennett, 760-536-3463, or visit

6 San-N-Tone Series; Shelbyville, KY; Contact Sandy Stewart, 502-722-9330, or visit