15-17 Asheville Summer Fun; Fletcher, NC; Contact Liz Holmes, 919-672-3741, lizholmes1957@gmail.com or visit www.ashevilleinvitational.com.

17 Hoof Charity; Louisville, KY; Contact Betsy Webb 502-477-0830 or louisvilleequestriancenter@gmail.com.

17-18 Capitol Classic I & II; TBD; Contact Sally Snyder Tesch, 612-968-8618, sstesch@juno.com; visit www.msha.org.

20-24 Blue Ridge Classic; Fletcher, NC; Contact 919-672-3741, lizholmes1957@gmail.com or visit www.blueridgeclassic.com.

21-24 Central States Benefit; Kansas City, MO; Contact Lynn McCallister, 913-579-7709, lmcstable@aol.com or visit www.csbhs.org.

23-25 Mid-America Signature; Roscoe, IL; Contact Cheryl Rangel, 847-537-4743; TracesCT@aol.comor visit www.midamericahorseshow.org.

28-31 Mercer County Fair; Harrodsburg, KY; Contact Brad Noel, 859-613-4503, bdnoel@hotmail.com.

30-31 Kanawha Valley; Winfield, WV; Contact Lanette Anderson, 304-549-0831, lanettewv12@gmail.com or visit www.KVHAshow.net.

30-8/1 IASHPA Summer Show; Gunree, IL; Contact Kristen Pettry, 815-347-4395, info@iaspha.com or visit www.iaspha.com.


4-6 UPHA Chapter 14 Summer Classic; W. Springfield, MA; New Location : Contact John Lampropoulos, 503-770-1884, sheri2517@hotmail.com.

5-7 ETSA Midsummer Classic; White Pine, TN; Contact Laura Green 865-705-5998; www.lauragreenknoxagent.com; visit www.easttnsaddlebred.net.

4-7 Dayton Horse Show; Springfield, OH; Contact Evette Moody, 937-623-7934; blueribbonshs@yahoo.com; visit www.thedaytonhorseshow.com.

4-7 Missouri State Fair Society; Sedalia, MO; Contact Peter Fenton 859-321-9281; petervoice1234@gmail.com; Kristen Pettry 815-347-4395; kristenpettry@gmail.com.

4-7 Shelbyville; Shelbyville, KY. Manager R.H. Bennett, 502-664-0870,

rbennett57@mac.com or Beth Snider, 502-314-7960 (cell), horseshowentries18@gmail.com or visit www.shelbyvillehorseshow.com.

5-7 Boone County Fair; Burlington, KY; Contact Larry Burcham, 859-586-7441 (home), 859-380-5598 (cell), cloreburchaminc@zoomtown.com or visit www.boonecountyfair.org.

14 LEC Summer Classic; Taylorsville, KY; Contact Betsy Webb, 502-477-0830, louisvilleequestriancenter@gmail.com.

14-15 ASAW Summer Showcase; Cedarburg, WI; Contact Nancy Buchholz Turner, 262-719-3753, ntkfltd@gmail.com.

19-21 Illinois State Fair; Springfield, IL; Contact Carole Kennedy, 217-782-0786, ckennedy0317@gmail.com; visit www.illinois.gov/statefair.

19-29 Kentucky State Fair; Louisville, KY; Visit www.kystatefair.org.

21-28 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show; Louisville, KY; Contact Scarlett Mattson, 270-547-2407, scarlett@bbtel.com.


2-5 Mid-Atlantic Showcase; Allentown, NJ; Contact David “Tuffy” Owens; 602-579-3737; davidwowens@hotmail.com

3-4 KVHA Show; Charleston, WV; Contact Lanette Anderson, 304-549-0831; lanettewv12@gmail.com or visit www.KVHAshow.net.

3-5 ASAM Summer Spectacular; Deerfield, NH; Contact John Lampropoulos 603-770-1884, sheri2517@hotmail.com.

6-11 All American Horse Classic; Indianapolis, IN; Contact Dawn Kendrick 317-442-9629; dawnkendrick@aol.com; or Judy McManama, 317-773-3931,

judymack26@gmail.com or visit www.allamericanhorseclassic.net.

9-12 Summer’s End; Ocala, FL; Contact Glenn Winograd, 813-833-2247,


10-11 Bland County Fair; Bland, VA; Contact Robbie Stuart; 276-688-4590; Denise Romano; 276-722-2641; deniseromano55@gmail.com.

10-12 Iowa Fall Classic; Cedar Rapids, IA; Contact Gloria Paulsen, 319-269-1194, gpaulsen@cfu.net.

TBA CANCELLED due to construction - Paul K. Field Springfield Charity Horse Show; Springfield, OH; Contact Jack Hawkes, 937-206-0003; Evette Moody 937-623-7934; blueribbonhs@sbcglobal.net.

TBA Labor Day Classic; Vista, CA; Contact Lance Bennett, 760-536-3463, jinglebellhorseshow.com.

15-18 UPHA Chapter 12 North Carolina Championship Charity; Contact Peyton Hamilton, 803-431-1991, ephamiltonasb@gmail.com; visit www.ncschs.com.

15-18 Wisconsin Futurity Horse Festival; Oshkosh, WI; Contact Paulette Healey, 262-242-2559 or visit www.wisconsinfuturity.com.

16-18 Alabama Classic; Rainsville, AL; Contact Jennifer Fernambucq; Jennifer fernambucq@gmail.com.

17-18 KASHPA Kentucky State Future Championship and Kentuckiana Region Academy Championship; Shelbyville, KY; Contact Chad Cole, 502-893-7792, c.cole01@att.net or Carol Barbee, 502-245-5596, carol@barbee.com.

Cancelled- Rock Creek Fall

22-25 Monarch National Championship; Springfield, IL; Contact Kristen Pettry; info@monarchshowseries.com; visit monarchshowseries.com.

22-25 NWSA Fall Classic & Futurity; Eugene, OR; Contact Jill Webberley, 360-606-1090; jwebberley@gmail.com. www.nwsaddlebreds.org.

23-25 Rockbridge Regional (new date); Lexington, VA; Contact Alice Martens 540-607-6710; alicepetermartens@gmail.com; visit vahorsecenter.org.

23-25 Southeastern Charity; Conyers, GA; Contact George Anne Nash; georgeanne@bellshouth.net; visit www.southeaterncharity.com.

23-26 Eastern States Horse Show; W Springfield, MA; Contact Stacey Hathaway, 413-205-5016; info@thebige.com; visit www.thebige.com/horseshow.

25 Master’s Class Horse Show; Burlington, KY; Contact Kim Smith, (859) 462-0171, kim.smith@fuse.net .

28-10/2 St. Louis National; St. Louis, MO; Contact Peter Fenton, 859-321-9281, petervoice1234@gmail.comor visit www.stlhorseshow.com.

30-10/2 ASHAV Horse Show; Lexington, VA; Contact Kent Moeller; kentamoeller@ gmail.com; 804-363-3085 or visit www.ASHAV.net.


1-3 Octoberfest; Winona, MN; Contact Bill/Wendy Couch, 612-325-2381, sofacasb@gmail.com; visit www.mnfesthorseshows.com.

7-9 Morristown Charity Horse Show; White Pine, TN; Contact Janie Hamilton

214-478-0897; dkhoss@aol.com

TBA NTASHA UPHA Fall Classic Horse Show; Fort Worth, TX; Contact Brent Cowan, 214-679-8597, bcowanwylietx@msn.com or visit www.ntasha.org.

13-16 North Carolina State Fair; Raleigh, NC; Contact Joyce Wilson, 919-365-5149, jshowbizz@aol.com or visit www.ncstatefairsaddlebredshow.com.

13-16 Southern Saddlebred Fall Finale; Murfreesboro, TN; Contact Jackie Hale, 205-862-8851, southernsaddlebred@gmail.com or Scarlett Mattson, 270-547-8664 or visit www.southernsaddlebred.com.

14-17 Mid-America Mane Event; Springfield, IL; Contact Stephanie Peterson, 612-708-9753, Steph.Peterson51@gmail.com or visit www.midamericahorseshow.org.

15 Carolina Summer Circuit Championship; Raleigh, NC; Contact Joyce Wilson; 919-365-5149; jshowbizz@aol.com; visit www.fairsaddlebredshow.com.

15-17 ASHAM Charity Fall; Shipshewana, IN; Contact Sara Ressler, 248-922-0148, saressler@aol.com or Ron Gekiere, 586-484-8790, rongeki@gmail.com.

15-17 Minnesota Saddlebred State Championship; Winona, MN; Contact Sally Snyder Tesch;

763-559-4896; sstesch@juno.com; visit www.MSHA.com.

15-17 Salina Charity; Salina, KS; Contact Kelly Smith; 816-217-7847; schshow@outlook.com; visit www.asaofks.com.

22-24 Heartland Spooktacular; Springfield, OH; Contact Judy Peters, 614-402-1260, allhorseshows2@gmail.com.

22-24 IASPHA Fall Show; Woodstock, IL; Contact Kristen Pettry, 815-347-4395, info@iaspha.com or visit www.iaspha.com.

23-24 Central States Fall Classic; Sebalia, MO; Contact Lynn McCallister, lmcstable@aol.com or visit www.csbhs.org.

26-30 Ocala International; Ocala, FL; Contact Kent Moeller 804-363-3085; kentamoeller@gmail.com; Mary Jo Schmidt 813-785-7433; tampahorse47@aol.com.

visit ocalainternationalhorseshow.com.

28-30 California Saddle Horse Futurity; Las Vegas, NV; Contact Lawrence Witter, 661-252-0907, lwitter@socal.rr.com.

28-31 Twin State Octoberfest; West Springfield, MA; Contact John Lampropoulos, 603-770-1884, sheri2517@hotmail.com or visit www.twinstate.org.


8-13 UPHA American Royal Horse Show; Kansas City, MO; Contact Kent Moeller 804-363-3085; kentamoeller@gmail.com; Visit www.americanroyal.com.

11-14 Equine Affaire; W. Springfield, MA; Visit www.equineaffaire.com.

12-13 Clemson Fall Classic; Clemson, SC; Contact Liz Holmes, 919-672-3741, lizholmes1957@gmail.com.

19-20 Robertson Equine Sale; Shelbyville, KY; Contact Jimmy Robertson, 502-802-6977 or Helen Robertson, 502-802-6777or visit www.RobertsonEquineSales.com.

20-22 UPHA Chapter 8/17 Fall Classic (Georgia Fall Classic) and 2021 UPHA Horsemanship Challenge; Perry, GA; Contact Liz Holmes 919-572-3741; lizholmes1957@gmail.com; Deidre Davis 478-256-3144; ddavis729@yahoo.com


TBA Jingle Bell; Del Mar, CA; Contact Lance Bennett, 760-536-3463,

ranchovista@sbcglobal.net or visit www.jinglebellhorseshow.com.


4-8 UPHA National Conference ; Orlando, Florida, at the Renaissance Orlando at Sea World. visit www.UPHAonline.com/national-conference

TBA KAFHS Convention; Louisville, KY; Visit www.kfhs.net.

TBA ASHAM Banquet; Fenton, MI; Visit www.asham.org for more information.