Robertson Equine Sales LLC Postpones Spring Auction Dates To June 2 -3

Published Date: Mar 12, 2020


(Shelbyville, Ky.) In the interest of public health and safety, Robertson Equine Sales has postponed its Spring 2020 sale to Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2 - 3, from the previously scheduled March 27 – 28 dates. The action, taken as an abundance of caution, follows the trend of major sports events and conventions that seek to protect attendees from possible exposure to COVID-19 coronavirus.


“We know this is our part in our community’s responsibility to help keep this pandemic virus from spreading,” RES President Jimmy Robertson said. “If there were any way to avoid changing our dates, and still deliver on our commitment to the consignors who have placed horses for sale with us, we would have chosen another option,” he continued.


What the Spring 2020 Sale will offer in June: RES will still be featuring the Elisabeth Goth LLC production sale and many horses from Happy Valley Stables, Inc., of Rossville, Ga. RES also has a large and varied slate of Saddlebred show horses and Hackney ponies being presented at its Spring Sale, and is confident buyers will be delighted with the choices available to them.


Entries still being accepted: In the meantime, Robertson agrees to accept entries until April 30.


“While we wish we could operate on the originally scheduled dates, we are clear in our minds that our horse community’s health and safety are paramount. We’ll look forward to a healthier season for our country, and a wonderful equine auction on June 2 - 3.” The event will be held at the Shelby County Fairgrounds, in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Robertson’s contact info is 502.802.6977 or Visit for more details.


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