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News and Information for Boone County Fair and Horse Show 2024

We wanted to share information with everyone in regards to Boone County Fair & Horse Show, Burlington, KY.  We are one of the few remaining County Fair & Horse Shows and we are proud of that.  Our mission is to provide our patrons the best horse show possible and create the best experience for our exhibitors but we are going through some changes.


Our historical dates in August have created some issues for us for several years with school start dates pushing earlier and we found ourselves overlapping with schools starting, school open houses, and high school athletic events beginning.  We have also heard many times that we are just too close to Kentucky State Fair whether that be horses, owners, or trainers just wanting to catch a break prior to the WCHS starting.  The close proximity of our Fair dates to the State Fair dates impact multiple other disciplines of our participants, also.  We also felt we needed to maintain a premier carnival provider for our Fair and work into their schedule.  All these items combined led us to the decision to move our dates forward in the calendar starting in 2024.


We reviewed the calendar multiple times to determine the best date for all activities from horse shows to livestock to motor sports to whatever that occurs at our Fair and we have landed on June 24-29.  The calendar of events within that week will remain very similar to what we have utilized for several years.


Fair costs around the country are driving up but with our new contract we intend execute we plan to maintain costs where they are to help allow for a family experience.  Our stalls are $30 and I do not think you will find them cheaper anywhere in the country.  We will also keep our entry fees lower than the average.  We want you, your horses, and all exhibitors here at the Boone County Fair & Horse Show


We hope you can fit us into your schedules in 2024.  We acknowledge this is a substantial change but we feel this is the best move for the Boone County Fair and Horse Show to allow long term growth and community impact.


Thank you immensely for your prior years of support and supporting us as we navigate the change in our future.


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