Barn fire Sunday evening after the conclusion of the Mercer County Fair and Horse Show


Around midnight Sunday evening, there was a devastating fire at the Mercer County Fairgrounds that left the 44 stall barn 10 burnt to the ground. It was only 24 hours after the grand finale of the ASB Five-Gaited Championship featuring the top eight entries for the top award. This was the second oldest barn left on the facility as several others have burned in the last 10 years and the historic grandstand burned to the ground in 1983.


“While this a huge loss, it could’ve been much worse just 24 hours earlier with horses and people involved. Thankfully, only the barn was lost,” said LaMayne Ellis DVM, president of the Mercer County Fair Board. The cause is unknown but under investigation.


But, like the mythical bird phoenix, they plan to arise from the ashes and build back a state of the art barn for the show in upcoming years.  So, although the barn rehabilitation will be costly and money is limited, it is a worthwhile investment to preserve the history of this decorated fair and horse show.