Bridget Mills Parker


 Bridget Mills Parker of Parker View Farm, Versailles, Kentucky, unexpectedly passed away during the evening of February, 21. Parker will be remembered for her contributions to the breed through her successful breeding program at Parker View Farm. Parker, stood such stallions as Spring Valley’s Deliverance (60644*), Santana’s Charm (77710), (SA) Arborlane Tangos Wee Pee (990025*) Sir William Robert (108359), My Royale Charm (119876), I’m A Lucky Charm (110087)1 , Let’s Tango All Night and Jon Bugatti (111559). From these Stallions Parker helped bring into the world many great champions for many other breeders as well.


 Some of the outstanding horses bred by her and her Parker View Farm include CH Ampli-Phi (102690*)1, Sheba’s Charm (138529*), CH I’m Something Wicked (112983), CH Powerful Tango (111599), CH Bewitched By Charm (121350), CH My Royale Prince (123545), I’m Strapped (125374) Noble Charm (123126), and many others. She owned such notable Saddlebreds as World Grand Champion and World Champion Sire Marc of Charm (117901), CH Make A Wish Come True (85808), My Bugatti Royale (BHF) (122445)1, and Strapless (131227)1 to name a few.


 In addition to her passion for breeding and raising American Saddlebreds Parker spent much time and efforts supporting charities such as the The Simunye Project in South Africa’s Kawazulu-Natal region that focused on funding improvement in education and medical care. According to Parker View Farms Facebook page, there was a complete disperal at the Robertson Equine Sale in April 2019.