Tri-State 2013 Award Winners:

ASB In Hand:  1) DOUBLETREES SCARLET DESIGN, Diana Pistora; 2) SYRINX, Candy Gierke.

Saddle Type Western Equipment:  1) MAJOR COOL, Candy Gierke; 2) HOW THE WEST WAS WON, Paddy Bates.

Parade Horse:  1) MAJOR COOL, Candy Gierke; 2) MOUTAINVIEWS BUTTERCUP, Paddy Bates.

Five-Gaited Open:  1) HARLEY’S BELLE, Joan Hammond; 2) UHLEN’S LOOK OF LOVE, Laurin Carver Noe.

Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor:  1) COVERED IN SABLE, Zoe Reck; 2) LITTLE HOT SPOT, Annabel Kippi Noe.

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure:  1) SUPERIOR REVELATION, Joan Hammond; 2) KAW-LIGA, Paula Shew.

Three-Gaited Open:  1) CASINDRA’S LADY, Colleen Martin; 2) SUPERIOR BRANCH, Joan Hammond.

Three-Gaited Amateur:  1) I’M BEWITCHED, Sharon O’Connor; 2) KOURAGEOUS OUTRAGEOUS, Kathy Oberschlake.

Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor:  1) PREFERRED BRANCH, Annabel Kippi Noe; 2) CH SJ LIKE A CHAMP, Amy Cole.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult:  1) SYRINX, Candy Gierke; 2) MORE THAN ENOUGH, Linda Thorin Johnson.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) GOLIGHTLY IDEPENDENCE, Vivian Sandifer; 2) SPIKE’S RARE RUBY, Annabel Kippi Noe.

ASB Show Pleasure Driving:  1) GYPSY GENTLEMAN, Sarah Wise; 2) HS SHE BE BAD, Jacqueline Hawkes.

ASB Country Pleasure Adult:  1) SOUTHWIND’S TALLADEGA, Jacinda Goings; 2) VOODOO’S ROCKET MAN, Wendy Wilhelm Nelson.

ASB Country Pleasure Driving:  1) MW WHATEVER WORKS, Amy Cole.

ASB Country Hunter Pleasure:  1) TOO WONG FOO, Paul Price; 2) MAKIN A SPLASH, Jill Wilson.

ASB Country Western Pleasure:  1) SPIKE’S CLOUD NINE, Joan Hammond; 2) SOUTHWIND’S TALLADEGA, Jacinda Goings.

ine Harness Open:  1) TRUE FORTUNE, Iris James; 2) UHLEN’S MCDREAMY, Susan LeVally.

ASB Park Open:  1) DOUBLETREES SCARLET DESIGN, Diana Pistora; 2) ABSOLUTELY BLUE, Cecelia Bolka.

ASB Park Amateur:  1) FER FEEL THE RUSH, Patricia Dozier; 2) CH REEDANN’S HEIR TO GLORY, Patricia Dozier.

ASB Park Junior Exhibitor:  1) CH REEDANN’S HEIR TO GLORY, Hallie Sanisbury.

ASB Park Pleasure Open:  1) CH GREEN TOP, Jennica O’Reilly; 2) VIRTUAL CARESS, Joan Hammond.

ASB Park Pleasure Amateur:  1) CAPSAICIN, Kristi Pyke; 2) SUCH SPIRIT, Kelley Norris.

ASB Park Pleasure Junior Horse:  1) ROYAL CREST’S STONE EXTRORDINIARE, Katy Granby.

ASB Park Pleasure Driving:  1) CAPTIVE SOUL, Leslie Harper Reynolds; 2) RACHEL ALEXANDRA, Susan LeVally.

Walk Trot 10 & Under:  1) LILYANNE GOODMAN.

Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17:  1) ALEIA BROWN.

Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & Under:  1) AMY COLE; 2) VIVIAN SANDIFER.

Pleasure Equitation:  1) SARAH ELLIOT.

Harness Pony Open:  1) DIAMOND’S WHIZ BAG, Beth Jones.

Hackney Pony Amateur:  1) DIAMOND’S WHIZ BANG, Beth Jones.

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving:  1) HEARTLAND ELECTRA, Beth Jones; 2) HEARTLAND PARADE TIME, Beth Jones.

Hackney Pony Country Pleasure:  1) DRIVING MISS EMMA, Sarah Wise; 2) DYLAN, McKenzie Maple.

Hackney Park Pleasure Driving:  1) HEARTLAND PARADE TIME, Beth Jones.

Harness Pony Open:  1) FRONT PAGE NEWS, Chip and Cheri Wise.

Harness Pony Amateur:  1) FRONT PAGE NEWS, Chip and Cheri Wise.

Roadster Pony Open:  1) HEARTLAND TUSCANY, Missy and David Fleming; 2) BOXFORD COURAGEOUS SPIRIT, Beth Jones.

Road Pony Amateur:  1) WILD TURKEY, Beth Jones; 2) IT’S GO TIME, Genny Ledinski.

Open English Pleasure:  1) ROYAL CRESTS STONE IDOL, Charlotte Elwert; 2) MIDNIGHT ARABESQUE, Julia Maxton.

Open English Pleasure Exhibitor:  1) VIRTUAL VACATION, Madeleine Hale.