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April 19-21, 2007 • Harrodsburg, Ky.

ASB Country Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor: 1) SAR'S RAMBO, Stephanie Leidenheimer, E/O; 2) CHAMPAGNE'S AMERICANA, Samantha Weber, Jo Cornell.
ASB Adult Three-Gaited Pleasure: 1) BAGGER VANCE, Meg Allen, Susie Hall; 2) RAFFLE TICKET, James Sigmon, E/O.
Two-Year-Old Mare/Gelding: 1) CASH'S PRETTY PLEASE, Mike Oney, Tzareff & Alvis; 2) ARMED IRISH LADY, Billy Joe Hays, Ed/Wanda Lanham.
ASB Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited: N/A.
Amateur Road Pony: N/A.
ASB Open Park Pleasure: 1) MY LILLY MARLENE, Larry Gardinier, Granite Hill Stable; 2) SAMMY SIMPSON, Jodi Johnson, Lorrie Floyd.
ASB Jr. Exhibitor Five-Gaited: N/A.
ASB Show Pleasure Driving: 1) SANTANA'S SMART ALEX, Stephanie Leidenheimer, E/O; 2) N/A.
Three-Year-Old Mares/Geldings: 1) DOLLAR'S SILVER COLLECTOR, Jennifer Hankins, Ronnie Mann; 2) GENS LASSIE, Jessie Smith, Buford Martin.
ASB Novice Three-Gaited: N/A.
Two-Year-Old Stallion/Geldings: 1) BEYOND THE GLORY, Jimmy Evans, Charles Stivers; 2) EVILS FIRST DELIGTH, Rocky McCoy, Larry/Phyills Coy.
Novice Roadster to Bike: 1) SHAKE N BAKE, Derrick Westbrook, Susie Hall; 2) SKY TOWER, Rob Tanner, Danny Bugg.
ASB Junior Five-Gaited: 1) WYVERN, Jodi Johnson, Stan Jozwiak; 2) BRIAR HILLS MASTERPIECE, Jack Noble, Don/Wendy Jolliff.
Three-Year-Old Stallions/Geldings: 1) DIAMOND'S OUT OF TOUCH, Keith Blackburn, Gene/Fran Pace; 2) SHANGHAI RITZ, Allen McQuerry, Laurie Herchenroeder.
Ky. Horse Council Open Trail Pleasure: 1) THE TOP CRUSIER, Jack Fayne, Faynes Training Facility; 2) SHOWBOATS BREEZE, Hal Smith, Howard Roberts.
Four-Year-Old Amateur: 1) MY DESIGNER GENES, Frank Prather Jr., John Gaddis; 2) KENTUCKY PUSH'S PRIDE, Lisa Evans, Richard Evans.
ASB Country Pleasure Adult: 1) CALL ME TOO, Angela Shelton, E/O; 2) COURAGEOUS LADY LEE, Elizabeth Smith, E/O.
Ladies Amateur Canter, No Stallions: 1) RAINS NIGHT STORM, Mandi Lancaster, Keith McQuerry; 2) N/A.
ASB Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited Pleasure: 1) WORTHY'S MEANT FOR YOU, Joy Ballard, Jo Cornell Stables; 2) BLACK-EYED STELLA, Amberly Hines, Shadow Run.
Amateur Country Pleasure: 1) MARK'S MR. SHAKER, Glenda Kirkland, E/O; 2) CROSSFIRED, Greta Potter, E/O.
ASB Amateur Three-Gaited: 1) HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE, Elizabeth Smith, Cindy King Martin.
ASB Open Park Horse: 1) CHARLIZE THERON, Melinda Moore, E/O; 2) ROSEY DOLLFACE, Larry Gardinier, E/O.
ASB Amateur Fine Harness: N/A.
ASB Amateur Five-Gaited: 1) VANITY'S WORTHY SON, Angela Shelton, E/O; 2) ELI SIMPSON, Barbara Jozwiak, Lorrie Floyd.
ASB Country Pleasure Driving: 1) SWEET INTENTION, Chery Rhoton, Ben Nash; 2) N/A.
ASB Junior Three-Gaited: 1) EVENING FLAME, Julian R. Thomas, E/O; 2) N/A.
Jr. Exhibitor Road Pony: 1) BOXFORD ON THE MARK, Jordan Kremer, Maureen Lydon; 2) INSATIABLE, Stephanie Leidenheimer, Eddy Leidenheimer.
Amateur Roadster to Bike: 1) TKO, Danny Bugg, Rob Tanner; 2) WRAPPED IN GLORY, William Hemminger, Marilyn Macfarlane.
ASB Novice Five-Gaited: 1) FUTURE, Julian R. Thomas, E/O; 2) N/A.
ASB 12/Under Walk/Trot Pleasure: 1) BIG HITS GRAND FINALE, Shelby Anderson, E/O; 2) N/A.
ASB Country Pleasure Championship: 1) MR BELAPHONA, Cece Hagan, E/O; 2) SAR'S RAMBO, Stephanie Leidenheimer, E/O.
ASB Three-Gaited Pleasure Championship: 1) RAFFLE TICKET, James Sigmon, E/O; 2) TRIBAL CHIEF, Erin Obenauf, Reiser Stble LLC.
Open Harness Pony: 1) ARISTOCRATIC FLAIRE, Kristen Gallagher, E/O; 2) LITTLE BLACK MAGIC, Roger L. Sims, E/O.
Roadster Under Saddle: 1) BB ESQUIRE, Stephanie Sedlacko, Bill Becker; 2) HUSTLE HECTOR, Shane Sallee, E/O.
ASB Open Fine Harness Stake: 1) WALTERWAY'S ILLEGAL WARNING, Peter Palmer, E/O; 2) SUMMERSET MORN, Larry Gardinier, Granite Hill Stable.
Open Hackney Pony Cobtail: 1) PARK LINE, Donnie Ross, E/O; 2) HEARTLAND RINGMASTER, Marilyn Macfarlane, Randi Wightman.
Road Pony Championship: 1) LAMBORGHINI, Georgia Blevins, Blevins Farm; 2) N/A.
ASB Five-Gaited Pony: 1) BILLY JEWEL, Shelby Wayne Floyd, Floyd/Reynolds; 2) N/A.
ASB Open Three-Gaited Stake: 1) LA MATRERA, Gerhardt Roos, Hollett Farms; 2) N/A.
ASB Three-Gaited Pony: N/A.
Open Roadster to Bike Stake: 1) QUILL, Melinda Moore, E/O; 2) WRAPPED IN GLORY, William Hemminger, E/O.
ASB Open Five-Gaited Stake: 1) STONECROFT SUNDIAL, Melinda Moore, Donna Moore; 2) HERE COMES THE STORM, Gregory Maldanado, Jim Orr.