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1 ASB Fine Harness Open: 1) I’M A LUCKY CHARM, Mike Roberts, MW Sorenson; 2) DAY OF SERENITY, Paul Cates, Paul Cates Stable LLC; 2) EL DORADO’S LADY CAPRI, Trent Capps, Christine Lewis.
3 Hackney Pony Open: 1) FANCY RIBBONS, Randi Wightman, E/O; 2) KILBRO’S MAJESTIC GEM, Roger Lucas, Karen Wood.
4 ASB Three-Gaited Ladies: 1) ROYAL SWEET, Melissa Hughes, Michelle Hartman; 2) APPLE FIZZ, Alice Sias Pippin, E/O; 3) SCARLET EVENING, Susan Olcott, E/O.
6 ASB Three-Gaited Open: 1) MACY GRAY, Todd Miles, Deborah Butler; 2) LEMON SHAKE-UP WRF, Mike Benn, James Orr; 3) LEWIE LEWIE, Trent Capps, Terry Rush.
7 Harness Pony Amatuer: 1) WAIT & SEE’S WHIZ BANG, Robin Haynes, E/O; 2) K & J’S LOVELY THOUGHTS, Edith Heath, Virgil/Gean Cagle.
8 ASB Three-Gaited Park Open: 1) HARLEM’S STRONG WILL, Melissa Hughes, Terri Dolan; 2) CALLAWAY’S JACKPOT, Mike Breegeman, Chardonnay Farms; 3) DAY OF REVIVAL, Liz Cortright, Mary Wright; 4) WEE PEE’S STABLE, Kent Swalla, Bel Cheval Inc.
9 Roadster Pony Open: 1) HEARTLAND FLURRY, Beth Campbell, Jerry Cummins; 2) LATE-NITE’S BASIC IMPACT, Roger Lucas, Edith Heath; 3) OUT FOXED EM’, Lisa Hillmer-Pope, William/Kris Gonzalez; 4) MAKE WY FOR MAYBELLINE, Hollie Hiser, E/O.
10 ASB Five-Gaited UPHA Classic: 1) CHARDONNAY’S PHANCY LADY, Mike Breeggeman, Chardonnay Farms; 2) N/A.
12 ASB Fine Harness Junior Horse: 1) UNCLE CHARLIE, Mike Benn, James Orr; 2) N/A.
14 ASB Show Pleasure 18/Over: 1) GEORGE FOREMAN, Elly Berman, Edmund Perwien; 2) MATRIX, Jan Myers, Charlene Edwards; 3) CH SUPREME WIND DANCER, Stephanie Ritter, JB Miller; 4) THOU SHALT NOT STEEL, Alan Wiedel, E/O.
15 Roadster to Bike Open: 1) FED EX, Raymond Shively, Melrose LLC; 2) N/A.
16 ASB Five-Gaited Open: 1) CH MARIACHI, Jack Magill, Jan Myers; 2) PERIDISE DANSE, Michael Beasom, Jack/Dianne Pool; 3) SINGSATION, Mike Roberts, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery; 4) EL DORADO’S STONEWALL JACKSON, Trent Capps, Paradise Farm; 5) WE’RE HAVING FUN NOW, Randy Cates, KB Stables Inc.
17 Hackney Pony Pleasure Open: 1) EARLY EDITION, Jane Mueller, E/O; 2) SEAMAIR’S DEAR SIR, Karen Coup, Elizabeth Coup; 3) LATE-NIGHT’S PARTY FLIGHT, Karen Wood, E/O.
18 ASB Three-Gaited Junior Horse: 1) OUR CHARMING LADY LCC, Kent Swalla, MW Sorenson; 2) KING OF THE BLUES WVF, Melissa Hughes, Terri Dolan; 3) POWERFUL TANGO, Merrell Magelli, E/O.
20 ASB Five-Gaited Ladies: 1) DESERT’S FAVORITE MEMORIES, Joan Cantrell, Cantrell & Myers; 2) MY CHANEL, Owen Weaver, Fox Grape Farms Inc.; 3) ALLIED HEIR STRIKE, Katie Coup, E/O; 4) PARCHMENT MOON, Cathy Coleman, Alta Dare Farm; 5) REEDANN’S TALKED ABOUT, Sandy Currier, Edmund Perwien; 6) RADIO FLYER, Alice Sias Pippin, E/O.