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KASPHA Horse Show

Sept. 19, 2009 • Judge: A.J. Bruwer

Amateur Three-Gaited: 1) MAGIC FIRE MUSIC, Cindy Siders, Don Rich; 2) MISS BELIEVEN, Christine Osen, E/O.
Pleasure Equitation: 1) Megan Todd; 2) Sarah Tumm.
Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving: 1) HEARTLAND SPECIAL SPECIAL, Callory Howard, Equus Farm; 2) PORTRAIT OF A LADY, Barbara Pippen, Paul Pippen.
Equitation 10/Under WT: 1) Shelby Eriksen; 2) Morgan Rogers-Daub.
Natural Pleasure: 1) BELIEVE THE FOX, Ashley Biggins, Lisa McMackin; 2) SHAMROCK SHERRY, Maria Schram, E/O.
Amateur Five-Gaited: 1) THUNDERSTORM WARNING, Lauren Pope, The Good Habit; 2) HAPPY AGAIN, Emily Lee, E/O.
Adult Country Pleasure: 1) CALLAWAY’S FOX JACKSON, Kelly Hill, John G. Hill; 2) WHISPERS OF MOONLIGHT, Nicole Reason, E/O.
Open Road Pony: 1) HEARTLAND FLURRY, Jerry Cummins, Equus Farm; 2) PURE COUNTRY, Holli McDowell, Lisa McMackin.
Junior/Novice Park Pleasure: 1) I’M HYPNOTIC, Kristen Stivers, Exodus Farm; 2) CARAMEL CORN, Elizabeth Nevitt, Dale/Sally Williamson.
Show Pleasure Driving: 1) JUST MEANT TO BE, Herb Barbee, Herb/Carol Barbee; 2) BITTERSWEET AFFAIR, Sylvia Hunt, E/O.
Jr. Exhibitor Show Pleasure: 1) GYPSY’S SANTANA GAL, Dakota Reiser, E/O; 2) DILLONS DAY, Jackie Schutt, HCA.
ASB Western Pleasure: 1) WILLIE ANGEL, Dave Lopez, E/O; 2) NATIONS CHIEF, Linda Fisher, Kay Marschel.
Open Three-Gaited Stake: 1) BY HONOR BOUND, Cindy Murray, Triple M Stables; 2) MY PRETTY LADY, Jamie Chavez, Crabtree Farm.
Country Pleasure Driving: 1) IRISH CAPPUCCINO, Moe Anson, Gail Kline/Moe Anson; 2) ROYAL CREST AMERICAN MADE STONE, Becky Smith, E/O.
Open Three-Gaited Park: 1) BROOKHILL’S REVEILLE, Janlyn Prows, E/O; 2) ROCKY BAY, Sarah MacKenna, Jessica Carter.
Jr. Exhibitor Country Pleasure: 1) SIR ANDREW, Dakota Reiser, E/O; 2) A SECRET STARMAKER, Hallie Tyler, Elizabeth/Hallie Tyler.
Open Harness Pony: 1) TIWN WILLOW’S HANDSOME DAN, Mary McClean, E/O; 2) N/A.
Adult Show Pleasure: 1) CH DETACHED, Claudia Schulthers, E/O; 2) CALLAWAY’S BETTY HEARNES, Stacie Williams Herron, M/M David Williams.
Open Five-Gaited Stake: 1) STRIKE UP THE MUSIC, Tre Lee, B&T Vonderschmidt; 2) CALLAWAY’S BLUESMAN, Redd Crabtree, Calloway Farm.
Three-Gaited Pleasure Pony: 1) RADIANTLY AMAZING, Gina Paliafito, James Paliafito; 2) SS CATCH MY ACT, Taylor Young, E/O.
Open Road Horse Stake: 1) MAGICAL BEGINNINGS, Shane Mullens, Diamond View Farm;2 ) FED EX, Steve Crabtree, Raymond Shively.
Five-Gaited Pleasure: 1) BROOKHILL’S PASSION PUNCH, Steven Hultquist, E/O; 2) JEWEL FIRE, Barbara Jozwiack, Stan Jozwiak.