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Equitation 13/Under: 1) Chelsey Jo Roby; 2) Gabriella Flynn.
ASB Country Pleasure Adult:
1) IC SPORTS, Georgia Shelburn, Kare Dare Stables; 2) CF NOT TONIGHT CHIEF, Cece Hagan, E/O.
Amateur Roadster to Bike:
1) DIRT DEVIL, Deborah Butler, E/O; 2) BUNKER BUSTER, Danny Bugg, E/O.
Amateur Five-Gaited:
1) GREAT DAY RISING, BIll Marple, E/O; 2) POCKETFUL OF MAGIC, Deborah Visser, James Orr.
Open Park Pleasure:
1) TRES CHIC, Dianna Runnells, Stonecroft Farm; 2) TUFFY'S COMMANDER, Jackie Tanner, Jayo Family Corp.
Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited Pleasure 14-17:
1) LOOKIN' YONDER, Laura Michelle Dozer, E/O; 2) SULTAN'S BLAZING COMET, Christy Brooks, E/O.
Open Pleasure Pony Driving:
1) THE JOKER, Mike Bacon, E/O; 2) MISS FUENTE, Holli McDowell, Goodman/McMackin.
Ladies Three-Gaited:
1) OVAL AFFAIR, Melissa Hughes, Delovely Farm; 2) CF BURNOUT, Renee Biggins, Rita Wheeler.
Five-Gaited Pleasure
: 1) HIGH IN THE SKY, Pam Milligan, Bruce/Pam Milligan; 2) ANACACHO DANCE AGAIN, Sherry Frankel Deal, Winning Ways Farm.
Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited Pleasure Under 14
: 1) CITY GYPSY, Jordan Hardison, Hardison Family LLC; 2) OH MY LIVING LEGEND, Jordon Mattingly, E/O.
Amateur Road Pony
: 1) LAMBERGINI, Laurel Nelson, E/O; 2) PURE COUNTRY, Holli McDowell, Goodman/McMackin.
Three-Gaited Pony:
1) CLOUDSPLITTER, Olivia Weber, E/O; 2) SIMBARA'S CARA MIA, Ashley Biggins, E/O.
Equitation 14-17:
1) Alexandra Flynn; 2) N/A.
Open Park Horse:
1) JUSTA RASCAL, Corbin Smith, Fritz/Candace Meili; 2) PURRFECTLY PERFECT, Melinda Moore, Christy Weaver.
ASB Co`untry Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor:
1) WHAT'S MY LINE, Margaret Lawrence, E/O; 2) SCONSET, Leanne Bruce, Ellen Kass.
Hackney Pony Open
: 1) HEARTLAND'S RINGMASTER, Marilyn Macfarlane, Randi Wightman; 2) PIT BOSS, Beth Weisner, Joe Jenkins.
Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited
: 1) TIME FOR GLORY, Lauren Stone, Stone Ridge Equine Care; 2) KOOL, Tate Bennett, Julian Thomas.
Open Roadster to Bike:
1) WHEN & WHERE, Raymond Shively, Delovely Farm; 2) VALIANT, Dannette Musselman, Alliance Stud.
Novice Five-Gaited Stake:
1) OUT OF REACH, Todd Miles, Allison Burgess; 2) NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS, Dave Becker, Linda Lowary.

ASB Yearling:1) FAIRY TALE FOXETTE, Brian Chappel, Dr. Laura Koch; 2) MR. FABULOUS, Cappy Wheelr, Robert/Johann Warsing.
UPHA Challenge Cup 17/Under: 1) PINSTRIPE DANCER, Katelan Crabtree, Donna Jury; 2) THE ROSE MERCHANT, Chelsea Butschele, E/O.
ASB Show Pleasure Driving: 1) RIVER DANCE, Randy Finken, Dr. Randall Finken; 2) WATERMELON, N/A., Willisbrook Farm.
ASB Amateur Three-Gaited:1) CALLAWAY'S ABIGAIL ADAMS, Sally Groub Grajeski, Double G Farm; 2) BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO, Phillip Smith, Brucephalu LLC.
Jr. Exhibitor Road Pony Medallion Class: 1) STINGRAY JR.,Tyler Miles, E/O; 2) HEARTLAND FLIRTATION, Caroline Kamer, Apples & Oats LLC.
Adult Three-Gaited Pleasure: 1) BEEN TO PARIS, Elizabeth Shatner, Belle Reve Farm; 2) THE KING'S MAN, Dakota Willimon, Stonecroft Farm.
Two-Year-Old Fine Harness: 1) SURFER BOY, George Knight, Georgia Herpin Baker; 2) JOE FABULOUS, Melinda Moore, Spencer Mains.
Saddle & Bridle Pleasure Medallion: 1) SING MY SONG, Sarah Anderson, Kristin Smith; 2) THE PICKUP ARTIST, Elise Lockwood, Pat Lockwood.
ASB Western Pleasure: 1) THE GLITZ, Elizabeth Shatner, Belle Reve Farm; 2) CALL ME BUCK, Casey McConnell, Dr. Nita Isgrigg.
Roadster to Wagon: 1) STYLISH STEPPER, Ty Thomas, Edward & Thomas; 2) INVINCIBLE SUMMER, Judy McNeish, E/O.
Jr. Exhibitor Five-Gaited: 1) MY REASON TO BELIEVE, Mandy Martin, Nancy Clark; 2) HARLEM FOR PRESIDENT, Ali Judah, Judy McNeish.
ASB Country Pleasure Driving: 1) SWEET INTENTION, Ashley Hallock, E/O; 2) JOYOUS, John Schedit, Stonecroft Farm.
Junior Three-Gaited: 1) I'M A HOT TICKET, Jackie Tanner, Kings Row; 2) MISS BELIEV'N, Mike McIntosh, Dee McNealy.
Amateur Fine Harness: 1) KID RUSSELL, Milward Dedman, Meadowland Farm; 2) N/A.
Novice Three-Gaited: 1) RED HOOK, Steve Wheeler, Meredith Neal; 2) CAPSIAN, Wyatt DeHart, Smoke Hollow.
Novice Roadster to Bike: 1) DUTCHMASTER, Raymond Shively, Delovely Farm; 2) FLY BY NIGHT, Jimmy Robertson, High Hickory Farm.
Open Racking & Pacing: 1) OUTLAW, Shawn Cook, Carolyn/Dannie Hart; 2) N/A.
Ladies Five-Gaited: 1) KALARAMA CO-ED, Misdee Wrigley, Hillcroft Farm; 2) CK ONE, Sandra Carrier, Bluebonnet Farm.

NHS Good Hands: 1) Amber Lynn Lowery; 2) Morgan Burger.
ASB Country Pleasure Championship: 1) WHAT'S MY LINE, Margaret Lawrence, E/O; 2) TIP TOP'S SONATA, Caroline Millard, Waterwild Farm.
ASB Country Pleasure Adult Championship : 1) STRIKING POINT, Caroline Gillespie, Delovely Farm; 2) CF NOT TONIGHT CHIEF, Cece Hagan, E/O.
Three-Year-Old Fine Harness: 1) GOTHIC BRONZE, John Conatser, Eleanore Pederson; 2) CALLAWAY'S EMANCIPATION, N/A, WL Chapman.
Pleasure Equitation 17/Under: 1) Amber Lynn Lowry; 2) Chelsea Butschele.
Roadster Under Saddle: 1) AT FULL THROTTLE, Holli McDowell, Glen Rose Stables; 2) WHERE ARE YOU NOW, Melody Adler, E/O.
Five-Gaited Pleasure Championship: 1) ROCK THE JUKE BOX, Pepper Bauer, E/O; 2) REPLAY IN TIME, Clare Seagren, E/O.
UPHA Walk Trot 10/Under: 1) Christina Collis; 2) Nathan Stein.
Pleasure Pony Driving Championship: 1) THE JOKER, Mike Bacon, E/O; 2) MISS FUENTE, Holli McDowell, Goodman & McMackin.
Single Hackney Harness: 1) WENTWORTH LUCIFER, MIke Brannon, Watermark Farm LLC; 2) HOPE VALLEY, Misdee Wrigley, E/O.
Junior Fine Harness: 1) OUR FALLEN ANGEL, Rob Byers, Cherly Friedman Allison; 2) HARLEM'S BEAU DANDY, Billy Jarrell, Betty Jarrell.
Five-Gaited Pony: 1) JEWELS FOR A LADY, Lowe Thomas, Yellow Rose Farm; 2) N/A.
Junior Road Pony and Limit: 1) TURBO BLUE, Jimmy Robertson, John/Cindy Malony; 2) LONG TIME GONE, Wendy Johnson, Anna Marie Dempsey.
Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited Pleasure Championship: 1) MY GOODBYE, Tate Bennett, Mary Jane Gregory; 2) LOOKIN YONDER, Laure Dozer, Mary Jane Gregory.
Ladies Roadster to Bike: 1) BUNKER BUSTER, Melinda More, Winning Ways Farm; 2) GUESS WHO, Misdee Wrigley, Hillcroft Farm.
Junior Park Horse: 1) I'M REAL, Steve Wheeler, Cismont Manor; 2) YOU NEED TO KNOW, Sandra Currier, Neartown Animal Clinic.
Junior Five-Gaited: 1) GYPSEY'S TRAMPS & THIEVES, Steve Wheeler, Wildornsst Farm; 2) MY MY BUTTERFLY, Melinda Moore, Sally Jackson.

Equitation Championship: 1) Alexandra Flynn; 2) Katelan Crabtree.
Harness Pony Championship: 1) BLACK DIAMOND, Dinwiddie Lampton, E/O; 2) N/A.
Amateur Three-Gaited Championship: 1) THAT'S CHICAGO, Mary Jane Fredrickson, E/O; 2) IN MY SOUL, Marion Hutcheson, Happy Valley Farm.
Youth Roadster to Bike: 1) WHEN & WHERE, Leslie Cox, Delovely Farm; 2) HIGH VELOCITY, Lindsey Greenwill, E/O.
Adult Three-Gaited Pleasure Championship: 1) BEEN TO PARIS, Elizabeth Shatner, Belle Reve Farm; 2) STEAL MY THUNDER, Cindy Sherman, Morty Reynolds.
UPHA Three-Year-Old Five-Gaited Classic: 1) DIVINE RENAISSANCE, Larry Hodge, Steepleview Bloodstock; 2) HEADLINE MATERIAL, Steve Wheeler, JC Pierce.
Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited Championship: 1) TIME FOR GLORY, Lauren Stone, Stone Ridge Equine Center; 2) MAN & MYSTERY, Betty Cox, Jean McLean Davis Trust.
Hackney Pony Championship: 1) BLACK DIAMOND, Dinwiddie Lampton, E/O; 2) SPIFF & POLISH, Shelby Warsing, Cappy Wheeler.
Amateur Five-Gaited Championship: 1) CATAMARAN, Laurel Nelson, E/O; 2) GREAT DAY RISING, Bill Marple, E/O.
Road Pony Championship: 1) SAY IT LOUD, Bubba Deal, Winning Ways Farm; 2) N/A.
Country Pleasure Driving Championship: 1) JOYOUS, John Scheidt, Stonecroft Farm; 2) LAKEVIEW'S YES I AM, Hope Johnson, E/O.
Three-Gaited Championship: 1) CF BURNOUT, Renee Biggins, Rita Wheeler; 2) HARMONY AT LAST, Jerry Hutson, John Maloney.
Racking & Pacing Championship: 1) OUTLAW, Shawn Cook, Carolyn/Dannie Hart; 2) N/A.
Fine Harness Championship: 1) ROMINOX, Melissa Shields, Sarah Riganti; 2) DANCING UP A STORM, Kathy Capsuto, Escalade Stable.
Roadster to Bike Championship: 1) POWER RANGER, Raymond Shively, Delovely Farm; 2) GERONIMO, Danny Bugg, E/O.
Five-Gaited Championship: 1) ADELITA, David Ruddle, E/O; 2) HARLEM'S GO TO MAN, Larry Hodge, Paul Rice.