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Lead Line-Rider 6 & Under (Walk): 1) SULTAN'S GENERAL PRACTITIONER, Kaitlyn Luebbers. 2) N/A.
Roadster Pony- 52 & Under-Amateur: 1) ALBERT KAPONY, Kevin Berman. 2) DREAMING & SCHEMING, Christy Gantley.
ASB Model in Hand: 1) WILL BAILEY, Jill Deborah Quaid. 2) GUN MEDAL, Judy Smith.
ASB Show Pleasure Driving: 1) I'M BIG-N-RICH, Megan Todd. 2) ATMOSPHERE, Charlene Schnider.
Harness Show Pony: 1) SENOR, Kim Crumpler. 2) TRULY THE GRAND MASTER, Coleen Bray.
ASB Three-Gaited Show Pleasure- Adult Rider: 1) TAP TOWN, Susan Parker. 2) IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD, Jennifer Roberts.
Academy Equitation- Rider 7 & 8 (Walk/Trot): 1) WORTHY FIRST LADY, Elizabeth Peterson. 2) FROSTY SAILOR, Savannah Douglas.
Three-Gaited Natural Mane and Tail Saddlebred: 1) NOKSIUS DEVOSIA, Liz Cortright. 2) STEEL EMPRESS, Amanda Wright.
ASB 10 & Under (Walk/Trot): 1) JATANA ROSE'S BOVA BAY, Angela Mangine. 2) INITIAL INVESTMENT, Ashlee Rose.
ASB Three-Gaited Show Pleasure- Juvenile Rider: 1) SUPERIOR ONE, Lindsey Shields. 2) THE ROSE MERCHANT, Avery Bul.
ASB Five-Gaited Pleasure: 1) INTRIGUING MASTERPIECE, Nicola Van Der Walt. 2) CALLAWAY'S HIGH ROLLER, Eddie Lewis.
Academy Equitation-Rider 9 & 10 (Walk/Trot): 1) BABY FACE, Hailley Stantz. 2) SULTAN'S GENERAL PRACTITIONER, Ashleigh Luebbers.
Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving: 1) CALISTO, Kim Matoza. 2) KILBRO'S MR. BIG STUFF, Hallie Carman.
ASB Three-Gaited Park Pleasure: 1) STEAL MY THUNDER, John Field. 2) CHIHULY, Ashley Hallock.
Academy Equitation- Rider 11-13 (Walk/Trot): 1) BABY FACE, Sidney Gardner. 2) CLEARLY TITLED, Kaycee Davis.
Roadster Pony- 52 & Under: 1) THE MAN, Wendy Winstead. 2) LET'S GET BUSY, Bobby Moore.
ASB Three-Gaited Park Pleasure: 1) MATIA PRINCESS, Terry Woodruff. 2) BETTER BELIEVE, Karen Parerd.
Academy Equitation- Rider 17 & Under (Walk/Trot): 1) HIGHPOINT'S VELVET TOUCH, Hallie Hardy. 2) N/A.
Kentucky Horse Council Natural Pleasure: 1) WILD FIRE JEWELS, Suzanne Meeks. 2) SULTRY EVE, Carol Gould.
UPHA 17 & Under Challenge Cup: 1) THE ROSE MERCHANT, Avery Bul. 2) EXCLUSIVE CHARM, Lydia Uhlyarik.
ASB Five-Gaited Amateur Championship: 1) THE WHOLE TOWNS TALKING, Whitney Hunter. 2) CALLAWAY'S WIND CHILL, Jenny McGowan.
ASB Country Pleasure Driving: 1) HIGHPOINT PRINCE, Charlotte Goodman. 2) ICS, Georgia Shelburne.
Academy Equitation- Rider 17& Under (Walk/Trot/Canter): 1) WEB SITE, Morgan Hann. 2) BALI BLUE, Abbey Biddle.
ASB Three-Gaited Championship: 1) A GENESIS, Gene Van Der Walt. 2) GREAT DAY'S WAR PRINCESS, Ryan Studd.
Academy Equitation- Adult Rider: 1) HIGHPOINT'S VELVET TOUCH, Amy Wilhoite. 2) FROSTY SAILOR, Keegan Gay.
ASB Three-Gaited Country Pleasure- Adult Rider: 1) MISS PHOTOGENIC, Eric Chenault. 2) WORTHY FIRST LADY, Melanie Peterson.
Roadster Horse Open: 1) EXIT 80, Jeb Boyd. 2) N/A.
ASB FIve-Gaited Championship: 1) HERE COMES THE STORM, Neil Visser. 2) THE BIG STORM, Mike Spencer.