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Boone County Fair Horse Show

August 4-9, 2008

Judge: Joe Elam of Versailles, Ky.

Roadster Pony, Juvenile (No Stallions): 1) DUN HAVEN GRANDIOSE, Kirstie Buerkley, E/O; 2) ALBERT KAPONEY, Kevin Berman, Kevin Berman & Ada Perwien.
Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving: 1) LADY JULIET, Mollie Kregor, Iris James; 2) HAWKEYE’S DARK MAGIC, Tyler Hawkins, E/O.
Roadster Pony Under Saddle, Juvenile (No Stallions): 1) HEARTLAND SECRET, Lydia You-Larick, Kirstie Buerkley; 2) LICKITY SPLIT, Angela Mangina, Charlie Bray.
ASB Three-Gaited, Juvenile (No Stallions): 1) UNDULATA’S GYPSEY, Angela Mangene, Cyndie Wright; 2) BLUE’S TRAVELERS, Nicole, Mike Silvia.
Junior Roadster Pony, Four Years and Under: 1) HEARTLAND SUPERMAN, Juan Rios, Tom Fielder; 2) HIGHTOWER, Les Cunningham, Judd Farms.
ASB Three-Gaited Country Pleasure, Adult: 1) CHAMPAGNE’S AMERICANA, Tara Duff, Jo Cornell Stables; 2) TIN ROOF SUNDAE, Jessica Sorenson, Daydream Stables.
ASB Saddlebred Pleasure Driving: 1) PREFERRED BRANCH, Larry Carver, Hundred Acre Wood Farm; 2) ROYAL CREST AMERICAN MADE STONE, Becky Smith, E/O.
Roadster Pony to Wagon: 1) D & J ANTICIPATION, Mike Cox, Cedar Brook Stables; 2) N/A.
ASB Three-Gaited Pleasure, Juvenile: 1) OLYMPIC CHARM, Paige Klee, David Scott; 2) HIGHTIME’S SOCIETY, Kelsey Nelson, Monique Hersh.
ASB Five-Gaited, Ladies: 1) CALLAWAY’S BELFAST, Mindy Preston, Linda Lewis; 2) UHLEN’S LOOK OF LOVE, Lauren Carver Noe, Hundred Acre Wood Farm.
Road Horse to Bike: 1) GRAND VICTORY BELL, Glen Gray, Gray Stables; 2) ABE MEMORIAL, Tom Gray, Gray Stables.
ASB Three-Gaited Country Pleasure, Juvenile: 1) TIP TOP’S SONATA, Foster Roberts, Waterwild Farm; 2) CALLAWAY’S C.H. HARDIN, Katie McCloughlin, Silver Lining Trust.
Hackney Pony, Cobtail: 1) HEARTLAND SUMMER STORM, Betty Featherston, Waren & Betty Featherston; 2) DUN-HAVEN AWESOME KING, Abby Von Bargen, E/O.
Walk-Trot Equitation: 1) Annabel Kippi Noe; 2) Macy Chenot.
ASB Three-Gaited, Open: 1) IN A MINUTE, Renee Zabrod, Klee Family; 2) LAST TANGO IN PARIS, Clark Clouse, Liberty Saddlebreds.
Roadster Pony, 48” & Under: 1) MOVIN’ ON, Tom Galbreath, Galbreath Stables; 2) LIL-2-PRICEY, Jerry Hunley, Hunley Stables.
ASB Three-Gaited Pleasure, Adult: 1) SHE’S HIGH FASHION, Carla Ritzie, E/O; 2) IT’S SOMETHING SWEET, Gwen Korfhage, E/O.
ASB Five-Gaited Gentleman: 1) LITE OF THE NIGHT, Mitchell Clark, Larel Nelson; 2) KING CRIMSON, Todd Walker, Tony & Monica Olsen
Roadster Pony, 52” & Under: 1) HEARTLAND SHOWIN OFF, Bryce Gomes, Julie Gomes; 2) HEARTLAND HIGH COMMAND, Holly Russell, Beth Jones.
Amateur/Juvenile Five-Gaited, ASB: 1) HARTFELT LEGACY, Bill Marple, E/O; 2) CALLAWAY’S HEATED DEBATE, Cece Hagan, E/O.
Open Roadster Pony Championship: 1) KENTUCKY HOT BROWN, Molly Kregor, Lisa Holt; 2) FIRELORD, Mike Denham, E/O.
ASB Three-Gaited Park, Open Full Mane & Tail: 1) TANGO BLUES, Stephanie Wright, E/O; 2) MYSTIC STAR LITE, Joe Brown, Cece Hagan.
Saddleseat Equitation, Juvenile: 1) Kaycee Dolwick; 2) Kate LeClaire.
ASB Fine Harness Horse: 1) SJ GREAT GUTS, A.J. Bruwer, Vicky Reed; 2) FRENCH KISS, Bill Marple, E/O.
Open Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Championship: 1) HEARTLAND SPECIAL SPECIAL, Callory Howard, Equus Farm; 2) HAWKEYE’S DARK MAGIC, Tyler Hawkins, E/O.
ASB Amateur Juvenile Three-Gaited: 1) LET’S BOOGIE, Linda Sullivan, Bill & Linda Sullivan; 2) SAM’S CANDYGRAM, Samantha Rolfes, E/O.
Road Horse Under Saddle: 1) HUSTLE HECTOR, Shane Sallee, E/O; 2) GRAND VICTORY BELL, Gail Black, Gray Stables.
ASB Open Three-Gaited Pleasure Championship Adult/Amateur: 1) CALL ME LUCKY BLUE, Allison Hunter, May Reams; 2) O SAY CAN YOU SEE, Randy McBride, Near Town Animal Clinic.
Open Roadster Pony Championship, 52” & Under: 1) NASHVILLE CAT, Timmy Buerkley, E/O; 2) RANGER, Rob Wilson, Shamrock Farms.
ASB Open Three-Gaited Pleasure Championship, Juvenile: 1) U WHAMMIE’S SHOWDOWN, Meredith Robbins, E/O; 2) BUBBA GUMP, Amanda Sentney, E/O.
Open Road Horse to Bike Championship: 1) GRAND VICTORY BELL, Glen Gray, Gray Stables; 2) STACCATO, Jim Schack, Schack Farms.
ASB Open Three-Gaited Pleasure Championship Amateur or Juvenile: 1) M.W. WHATEVER WORKS, Whitney Hunter, Mary Reams; 2) TIP TOP’S SONATA, Foster Roberts, Waterwild Farm.
ASB Open Three-Gaited Championship: 1) IN A MINUTE, Renee Zubrod, Lisa Klee; 2) HE’S A JIM DANDY, Todd Walker, Karen Paverd.
Open Harness Pony: 1) CRYSTAL CREEK’S HOT SHOT, Maureen Lydon, Carl & Kathren Nichols; 2) DREAMAKER, Geof Dixon, Larry Mennie.
ASB Open Five-Gaited Championship: 1) HILLARY, Mitch Clark, Mitch & Vickey Clark; 2) HEIROBATIC, A.J. Bruwer, Cindy Kolmeier.