Bath Country Pleasure: 1) AVENGER’S SPORTY LADY, Shelby Lynn Richardson, E/O; 2) PRIDE’S FINAL CUT, Lucas Rice, Lowell Rice.

Bath County Juveniles Pleasure: 1) AVENGER’S SPORTY LADY, Jada Cassidy, Shelby Lynn Richardson; 2) POCKETS, Kayla May, E/O.

Amateur Country Pleasure: 1) DELIGHT SILVER DESIGN, Libby Stephens, Van Stephens Family; 2) OOPS PARDON ME PLEASE, Ronnie Vallandingham, Diana Vallandingham.

KMSHA-SMHA Regional Open Classic Pleasure: 1) RED BRANDY, Geoff Hill, E/O; 2) CLASSY TAXI, Jason Hill, E/O.

KMSHA-SMHA Regional Juvenile Classic Pleasure: 1) HILL’S TOO HOT TO HANDLE, Makayla Hill, Geoff Hill; 2) LSS BUCKSHOT BEAUTY, Kevin Clevenger, Cindy Clevenger.

Country Pleasure Rider 17 & Under: 1) LAST LADY OF JAZZ, Emily Ann Turner, Carol Ann Turner; 2) KADI’S GREY MIST, Gina Allen, E/O.

KMSHA-SMHA Regional Open Park Pleasure: 1) FULL OF BUCKSHOT, Terry Lawson, Mike Smedley.

Plantation Pleasure Specialty Open: 1) ET’S PUSHIN A SCORE, Nikki Smith, E/O.

Road to Horse to Bike Driven by Amateur: 1) FED EX, Bryce Gomes, E/O; 2) BLACK JACK, Scott Langfels, E/O.

KMSHA/SMHA Open Country Trail Pleasure: 1) RED RIVER SMOKE, Stacey Hall, E/O.

American Saddlebred Country Pleasure: 1) KICK IT UP A NOTCH, Andrea Williams, E/O; 2) FHF OUTLAW JOSIE WALES, Sue Hughes, E/O.

Plantation Pleasure Specialty Amateur Riders: 1) ET’S PUSHIN A SCORE, Nikki Smith, E/O.

KMSHA/AMHA Reg AOT Classic Pleasure: 1) BUDDY ROES DRAMA QUEEN, Mila Dougherty, Pam Hofer.

Two-Year Old Amateur Walking: 1) ERIN ANDREWS, Sabrina Young, Young & Jenne’.

Park Performance Amateur: 1) DYNAMIC RITZ, Darrell Collins, E/O; 2) SHE LIKES CASH, David Bullock, E/O.

Roadster Pony to Bike Driven by Amateur: 1) RAZZ MA TAZZ, Bryce Gomes, Gomes; 2) HEARTLAND VICTORY CALL, Miranda Chaplin, Schack Farms.

Road Horse Under Saddle: 1) ZOOM, Leslie Rece Williamson, E/O; 2) SAND IN MY PANTS, Colleen Bradley, E/O.

Amateur Owned & Trained Walking No Canter: 1) CALL ME BUSTER, Austin Williams, Chuck & Michelle Williams.

KMSHA/SMHA Reg Amateur Classic Pleasure: 1) HOUSTON LAWSON T, Joyce Stamper, Curren & Marry Ann Lewis; 2) BLUES ECLIPSE, Mike Dougherty, Pam Hofer.

American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Championship: 1) GYPSY’S ENDLESS LOVE, Emily Stumbo, Barry Stumbo.

Roadster Pony Championship: 1) REGAL’S MISS KATE, Mike Cox, E/O; 2) RAZZ-MA-TAZZ, Bryce Gomes, Lanny Judd.

Three-Gaited Championship Stake: 1) KALARAMA’S SHIRAZ, Drew Taylor Hewitt, E/O; 2) KIT N- DOLL, Barry Stumbo, Cherie Ort.

Open Roadster Championship: 1) LADY HAWKE, Les Cunningham, Lanny Judd; 2) CLEMENZA, Jim Schack, Schack Farms.

Five-Gaited Championship Stake: 1) BLUEBONNET’S CHALLENGER, Clark Clouse, E/O; 2) BUY THE ROSES, Cherie Ort, E/O.

Grand Champion

Antique Carriage: 1) RANDY, Tom Byron, Sam Girod; 2) Not Given, Mike Downs, E/O.

Park Performance Pleasure Specialty: 1) WICKED BOURBON STREET, Shane Mullins, Larry Brown.

Road Pony to Bike with Juvenile Driver: 1) HEARTLAND INDEPENDENCE, Drew Taylor Hewitt, Josh Greer; 2) FIRE LORD, Hannah Jackson, E/O.