Owingsville Lions Club Horse Show

July 1, 2017

Judge:  George Knight

Class 5 Academy 1st 45 caliber Lauren Hayes riding

Regular show

Class #1 Fine Harness 

1st Dark Knight on Broadway Don Mase Exhibiting for Arlene Berg

Class #4 Road Pony Amateur 

1st Back in a Flash Bryce Gomes driving for the late Paul Howard Richardson 

2nd X-tremely First Choice Mike Denham owner/driver 

3rd Karbon Kopy Becky Roller owner/driver

4th Romeo's Secret Agent Maggie Denham owner/driver

5th Black Silk Eddie Langfels owner/driver 

Class#6 Fresian Walk/Trot 

1st Zoe of the Farside Amy Conley riding for John Snider 

Class #7 ASB Country Pleasure Juvenile and Amateur 

1st 45 Caliber Karina Smith rider/owner 

2nd Worthy Sunset Judy Dolwick rider/owner

3rd Long Range Rifle Susan Parker rider/owner

Class #10 Road Horse Amateur 

1st TLA Chance Scott Gulley rider/owner

2nd Red Heart Miranda Chaplin rider for Schack Farms

Class#12 Road Pony Under Saddle

1st Heartland Man of the Hour Mara Blake owner/rider

2nd Lone Star Raine Payne rider for John F. Scott

3rd Rail Splitter Karina Smith riding for Kaylee and Jim Dolwick

Class#13 ASB Juvenile 

1st Our Colette Elise Hayes rider/owner 

Class#14 Road Horse Under Saddle

1st Spilled Secret Mandy Bray rider/owner

2nd ABC Jet Lindsay Lenholf rider/owner 

Class #16 Road Pony Championship 

1st Heartland Velvet Touch Abel Salazar for Rudi Beneke

2nd Victory Maker Greg Scott driver/owner 

3rd Heartland Administration Mike Denham driver/owner 

4th Heartland Showin Off Les Cunningham driver/owner

5th Mastercrafts Stat Maker LF Mallory Denham for Mike Denham

Class #17 Three gated Show Pleasure Open

1st Right Down the Lane Laura Peters rider/owner

2nd Emily's Guy Shelby McCord rider/owner

3rd Pop Attitude Raine Payne for John F. Scott 

Class# 18 Harness Show Pony Championship

1st Regal's Norma Jean LF Maureen Campbell for Sandra Surber

2nd Kilbro's Brigadeiros Josh Greer driver/owner

Class#20 Road Horse Championship 

1st Genesis Poor Boys Pride Terry Heslee rider/owner

2nd Clemenza Jim Schack rider for Schack Farms