Burlington Spring Horse Show

May 28-29 , 2010 • Burlington, Ky.

Judge: Rich Campbell • Academy Judge: Alexa Noble

Three-Gaited Jr. Exhibitor 17/Under: 1) LIKE A ROCKET, Jackie Schutt, Barbara Schutt; 2) IN A MINUTE, Paige Klee, E/O.

Road Pony to Bike 48”/Under: 1) KENTUCKY HOT BROWN, Greg Scott, E/O; 2) CRAZY TIMES, Monica Hunley, Hunley Stables.

Show Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 17/under: 1) STONE CAPTIVE, Channing McWilliams, Cindy McWilliams; 2) DE LA HOYA, Alle Hogan, E/O.

Five-Gaited Denver Junior Horse: 1) TREASURE THE WARMTH, Rob Byers, Louis Fernandez; 2) MESMERIZING CHARM, Gene Evans, E/O.

Hackney Harness Pony: No entries

Walk Trot Saddle Seat 10/Under: 1) Bethany Welch; 2) Delaney Webb.

Five-Gaited Jr. Exhibitor 17/Under: 1) STONECROFT RUMOR HAS IT, Alexa McWilliams, Cindy McWilliams; 2) CALLAWAY’S HEATED DEBATE, Alle Hagan, Cece Hagan.

Show Pleasure AOT: 1) BOW TIE AND BLUES, Katie Hafer Young, E/O; 2) RHYTHM MAKES ME, Tonia Becker, Griesinger Stables.

Three-Gaited Open: 1) CALLAWAY’S WELL HEELED, Todd Walker, Karen Paverol; 2) OUR PRETTY PEARL, Clark Clouse, Marjorie Mason.

Road Pony Under Saddle: 1) MASTER CRAFTS GUESS WHO, Tayler Rinehart, Bacon Stables; 2) HEARTLANDS VICTORY CALL, Channing McWilliams, Brooks Becraft.

Five-Gaited Amateur: 1) HEART FELT LEGACY, Joan Hammond, Linda A. Lewis; 2) BETWEEN THE LINES, Breanne Thompson, E/O.

Road Pony to Bike 52”/Under: 1) HEARTLAND SUNDUST, Beth Jones, E/O; 2) HEARTLAND’S SHOWIN OFF, James Wallen, Wallen Central.

Five-Gaited Pleasure: 1) DIVINE RENASSANCE, Ali Judah, Judah Saddlebreds; 2) PARTY CLOWN, Marie Brannon, E/O.

ASB Country Pleasure Jr. Exhibitor 17/Under: 1) CALLAWAY’S FOX JACKSON, Anna Leigh Amrein, E/O; 2) CHEETAH’S ADMIRIAL, Reagan Morrison, Stephanie/Charlie Morrison.

Three-Gaited Park: 1) EVENING, Melissa Moore, Larry Nunley; 2) SAMANTHA JONES, Deborah Visser, James Orr.

Hackney Pony Cob Tail: 1) HEARTLAND SUMMER STORM, Betty Featherston, Warren/Betty Featherston; 2) THE FINAL CONTENDER, Linda A. Lewis, E/O.

Pleasure Equitation Saddle Seat 17/Under: 1) Kaycee Dolwick; 2) Kayci Backer.

Country Pleasure Adult: 1) JUST LIKE THAT, Erica Salley, Antares Farm & Stable; 2) POLE DANCER, Kahla Butlay, Sunres Stables.

Friesian Pleasure Saddle Seat: 1) MERLIN, Connie Smith, Beth Jones; 2) N/A.

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving: 1) MACARTHUR, Cleo Lowe, Watermark Farm; 2) PORTRAIT OF A LADY, Barbara Pippin, Paul Pippin.

Show Pleasure Adult: 1) CALLAWAY’S EMANCIPATION, Jenny McGowan, Poser Farm; 2) I’M THE ONE WITH THE ROSES, Amy Rock, E/O.

Five-Gaited Open: 1) J CREW, Clark Clouse, Dr. Tina Mayes; 2) BE DELICIOUS, James Wallen, Wallen Central.

Academy Equitation 14-17 WTC: 1) Natalie Latta; 2) Kristen Ghouse.

Academy Equitation 14-17 WTC II: 1) Christa Giroux; 2) Madelyn Palazzo.

Academy Equitation 13/Under WTC: 1) Hannah Poe; 2) McKenzie Ballard.

Academy Equitation 13/Under WTC II: 1) Jessica Raines; 2) Marek Poe.

Academy Equitation Adult WTC: 1) Diana Maynard; 2) Kelsea Rookard.

Academy Pleasure Adult WTC: 1) Bobbie Johnson; 2) Diana Maynard.

Academy Pleasure 17/Under WTC: 1) Kiley Vonlintel; 2) Jessica Raines.

Academy Pleasure 17/Under WTC II: 1) Hannah Poe; 2) Madelyn Palazzo.

Academy Pleasure 17/Under WTC III: 1) McKenzie Ballard; 2) Kristen Ghouse.

Academy Pleasrue 17/Undre WTC IIII: 1) Samantha Aebersold; 2) Tori Quinton.

Academy Equitation Adult WT: 1) Kelli Crosbi; 2) Donna Benson.

Academy Equitation 14-17 WT: 1) Aliyah Granger; 2) Elizabeth-Anne Van Ardsdale.

Academy Equitation 11-13 WT: 1) Taylor Keslar; 2) Anna Dearen.

Academy Equitation 11-13 WT II: 1) Mady Gill; 2) Megan Tobergta.

Academy Equitation 9-10 WT: 1) Claire Hankins; 2) Gerald Pintarich.

Academy Equitation 9-10 WT II: 1) Kelsey Miller; 2) Kelly Luebbering.

Academy Equitation 9-10 WT III: 1) Rachel Carden; 2) Ashley Chuck.

Academy Equitation 8/Under WT: 1) Lidia Jewel; 2) Isabella Johnston.

Academy Equitation 8/Under WT II: 1) Devin Sell; 2) Karina Smith.

Academy Pleasure Adult WT: 1) Kelli Crosbi; 2) Lynda Branham.

Academy Pelasure Adult WT II: 1) Donna Benson; 2) Charlotte Lane.

Academy Pleasrue 14-17 WT: 1) Elizabeth-Anne Van Ardsdale; 2) Aliyah Granger.

Academy Pleasrue 11-13 WT: 1) Taylor Keslar; 2) Bailey Hendershot.

Academy Pleasure 11-13 WT II: 1) Katie Emanuel; 2) Karalee Andrews.

Academy Pleasure 9-10 WT: 1) Ashley Chuck; 2) Tessa Blackwell.

Academy Pleasure 9-10 WT II: 1) Haley Crigier; 2) Kelly Luebbering.

Academy Pleasure 9-10 WT III: 1) Claire Hankins; 2) Rachel Carden.

Academy Pleasure 8/Under WT: 1) Riley Morrison; 2) Macy Brangers.

Academy Pleasure 8/Under WT II: 1) Page Williams; 2) Devin Sell.

Academy Lead Line WT: 1) McKenna Faulkner; 2) Madison Lambert.

ASB Western Pleasure Open: 1) GUNSMITH, Arlys Solien, E/O; 2) CHAMPAGNE’S MISS T PHI, Barb Oney, E/O.

Lead-Line Western/English Rider 6/Under: 1E) Kara Blevins; 1W) Dylan Greisinger; 2E) Isabella Fisher ; 2W) Brandi Vines.

Hunt Seat Pleasure: 1) CHAMPAGNE BAY SYMBOL, Kate LeClaire, Nevermore Farm; 2) ABLE, Angela Mangine, Stephanie-England Grey.

Road Pony to Bike Junior Pony: 1) TWIN WILLOWS LOGAN S, Kathy Capsuto, Escalade Stable; 2) NA.

Show Pleasure Driving: 1) THUNDERCRACKIN, Elisabeth Goth, E/O; 2) MISS YOU GOT IT ALL, Jenny McGowan, John Bulmer.

Country Pleasure AOT: 1) TOP SHELF JENN N TONIC, Katie Hafer Young, E/O; 2) UNENDING LOVE, Maggie Schwab, E/O.

Road Pony Juvenile Driver: 1) TALADAGA NIGHT, Hayden Buerkley, Joe Buerkley; 2) KILBROW’S MUST BE DREAMIN, Mandy Bray, Casey Mandy Bray.

Best Farm or Pet Pony or Horse: 1) DOMINO, Mandy Bray, Little Britain Stables; 2) CAMILA, Natalie Lattae, Little Britain Stables.

English Pleasrue, Amateur Rider: 1) HIGH TIMES ENCORE, John McKeown, Brannon Stables; 2) BANK SHOT, Melissa Boulere, Shadowbrook Farm.

ASB Model In-Hand: 1) DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME, Jenny McGowan, Larry Nunley; 2) LOTTA BUCKS, Kerry Jeffries, E/O.

Costume Class Open: 1) WALNUT GROVE WELLS FARGO, Brandi Vines, Bill/Judy Vine;s 2) GREY DEVIL, Katie Wainscott, E/O.

Carriage Reinmanship: 1) WIND BLU MUSTANG SALLY, Tom McCloy, Beverly McCoy; 2) SNAPPY, Nancy Bedinghaus, Jerry/Nancy Bedinghaus.

Show Pleasure Championship Jr. Exhibitor: 1) DE LA HOYA, Alle Hagan, E/O; 2) I’M A FLIRT TOO, Emily Stumbo, E/O.

Road Pony to Bike Championship 48”/Under: 1) KENTUCKY HOT BROWN, Greg Scott, E/O; 2) CRAZY TIMES, Monica Hunley, Hunley Stables.

Saddle Seat Equitation Championship: 1) Kaycee Dolwick; 2) Ashton Veno.

Road Horse Under Saddle Stake: 1) THE BIG SHOW, Alison Walker, Todd/Alison Walker; 2) JOHN T BERT N ME, Connie Smith, Holly Russell.

Five-Gaited Pleasure Championship: 1) LOVE BITE, Deborah Visser, James Orr; 2) DEVINE RENNISANCE, Ali Judah, Judah Saddlebreds.

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Championship: 1) KILBRO’S PATENT LEATHER, Kim Becker, E/O; 2) RUMOR HAS IT, Tyalor Russell, Beth Jones.

Show Pleasure Championship Adult: 1) CH NINETY EIGHT DEGREES, Katherine Brooke Rand, Brookdale Farms LLC; 2) MIGHTY THOR, Ali Judah, Terri Dolan.

Hackney Pony Championship Cob Tail: 1) HEARTLAND SUMMER STORM, Betty Featherston, Warren/Betty Featherston; 2) N/A.

Three-Gaited Park Championship: 1) HOLY WATER, Lindsay Lavery, Renee Lavery; 2) SAMANTHA JONES, Deborah Visser, James Orr.

Country Pleasure Championship Jr. Exhibitor: 1) BIBBIDI BLACKIDI BOO, Cristina Prows-Lepera, Janalyn Prows; 2) CHEETA’S ADMIRIAL, Regan Morrison, Stephanie/Charlie Morrison.

Fine Harness Stake: 1) MOOI MOOI, Mike Felty, Four Willows Farm; 2) SIMPLY HANDSOME, Don Bridges, M/M Les Pease.

Five-Gaited Championship Amateur: 1) JUICE BOX, Tyler Devore, N/A; 2) UHLEN’S LOOK OF LOVE, Laurin Carver Noe, Hundred Acre Wood.

Carriage Class Period Dress: 1) OH CANADA & LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL, Charlie Poppe, E/O; 2) WIND BLU MUSTANG SALLY, Tom McCoy, Beverly McCoy.

Country Pleasure Championship Adult: 1) PRINCE IN THE PARK, Jenny McGowan, Joellen Blount; 2) FIRECRACKER JACK, Ali Judah, Nikki Reed.

Harness Pony Championship: No entries

Three-Gaited Championship Amateur: 1) HILLSIDE SENSATION, Jenny McGowan, Jenny/Steve McGowan; 2) BRAVIA, Dani Mallia, E/O.

Road Pony Championship 52”/Under: 1) HEARTLAND SUNDUST, Beth Jones, E/O; 2) REGAL’S HIGH ROLLER, Drew Case, E/O.

Three-Gaited Championship Open: 1) PARANORMAL, Tre Lee, Karen Thornhill; 2) HIS HEIRNESS, Mindy Preston, Linda Lewis.

Friesian Pleasure Saddle Seat Championship WTC: 1) MERLIN, Connie Smith, Beth Jones; 2) N/A.

Five-Gaited Championship Open: 1) SUKI SNOWLET, Melinda Moore, E/O; 2) N/A.