2016 ASHA High Point Awards

Five-Gaited Open: 1) NOBLE CHARM, Hagerman Farms LLC; 2) MARQUIS SPIRIT, Erin McCrackin.

Five-Gaited Amateur:  1) QUEEN OF THE NILE, Martha Lampe Keck/Carlton Keck; 2) WRAPPED IN CHOCOLATE, MLS Equestrian LLC.

Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor:  1) CH HE’S IN STYLE, The Sharyn Stokes Lackey Revocable Trust; 2) KING’S CARMA, Kelli M. Sultan/Nissa Sultan.

Five-Gaited Ponies:  1) THE REST OF THE STORY, Lorraine/Olivia Schumcacher; 2) ROXIE IN VEGAS, David Rudder.

Three-Gaited Open:  1)SOQUILI’S HARVEST MOON, MLS Equestrian LLC; 2) SILVER EXCHANGE, Leann Delange/Michael Krick.

Three-Gaited Amateur:  1) MILES OF STYLE, Laura Strong D.V.M.; 2) CALL ME CABERNET, Jenny Glennon.

Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor:  1) CH LULU GUINESS, Snider Farms; 2) SOQUILI’S CURIOUS GEORGE, David Rudder.

Three-Gaited Ponies:  1) CH A STARLESS NITE, Morghan/Melissa Alley; 2)  TRA LA LADY, Samantha Dunn/MCD of Spartanburg LLC.

Fine Harness Open:  1) KALARAMA’S JIMMY MAC, Arthur J./Jane Schallock; 2) SIR SILVER KNIGHT, Annika Moriarty Bruggeworth.

Fine Harness Amateur:  1) COSTA NOSTRA, Helen Rich; 2) TEMPT ME, Susan G. Bartlett.

Three-Gaited Park Open:  1) ENCHANTED KISS, Helen Rich; 2) TEFNUT, ECL Family Investments LLC.

Three-Gaited Park Amateur:  1) CH BROOKHILL’S PERIDAY, Daniel Lawrence/Jeana L. Hein; 2) BABBLE, Michelle Thompson.

Three-Gaited Park Junior Exhibitor:  1) MY ROYALE PRINCE, Emily/Betsy Van Duren; 2) CALLAWAY’S THERE’S NO STOPPING US, Juanita/Gabreilla Snyder.

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Open:  1) MEMORIES’ STAR SEEKER, Catherine C. Nessinger; 2) NORTH CHARLESTON, Kimberly K. Carson.

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult:  1) BILLY DELUXE, Helen Rich; 2) CH I’M SOMETHING WICKED, Pair of Jacks Stables LLC.

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) MY DREAMBOAT ANNIE, Jessie McCurry/Double Doc Farms; 2) COSMIC VENUS, Morghan Alley.

Park Pleasure:  (tie) 1) RO & ME’S DA VINCCI CODE, Cameron/Dennis/Kimberly Gallenberg; 1) FRED LOBSTER, Stately Oaks Stable LLC; 2) NEW YORK FLASH, Kelley Norris.

Park Pleasure Driving:  1) CHAUTAUQUA’S NORTHERN KISS, Jill B. Stewart; 2) SIR, YES SIR, Addison/Jamie Wise Lanier.

Park Pleasure Junior:  1) FOX GRAPE’S DANDY LION, Michelle Sprengelmeyer; 2) NUTCRACKER’S CALL ME MAYBE, Phoenix Prophecies LLC.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult:  1) LEGENDARY LEGACY, Susan S. Riefe; 2) ANNIE’S PERFECT DESIGN,  MLS Equestrian LLC.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) UPTOWN CHATTER, Jade Woods; 2) WITHOUT COMPOROMISE, Sydney Busch.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Combined:  1) OAK GROVE’S LUCY LIU,  Dr. Rick C./Cynthia Luft; 2) SYRINX, Carla C. Gierke.

Show Pleasure Driving:  1) CH WHO, Cathy Rogers-Holmes; 2) CH SELVAGGIO, Laura/Daniel Cedrone.

Three-Gaited Pleasure Ponies:  1) NATIVE ROSE, Shawn/Susan Robinson; 2) LOOSE CANNON, Duane Conch.

Five-Gaited Country Pleasure:  1) POSITIVE PROOF, Karen Wilson; 2) MY HEIRISTOTLE, Gregg E./Marie Neilsen.

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Adult:  1) CH PRINCESS WARRIOR, Dena Tanner Lopez/Alyssa Lopez-Northcutt; 2) WINSDOWN CODE TALKER, Cameron/Dennis/Kimberly Gallenberg.

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) FOX GRAPE’S CHANEL NO. 5, Pieces of Perfect LLC; 2) IT’S SAM I AM, Gamine LLC

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Combined:  1) VIVA LA VIDA, Lance Hayes Stables; 2) ORISSA, Carla C. Gierke.

Country Pleasure Driving:  1) ATTACHE’S CHOCOLATE THUNDER, Lynda St. Andre; 2) THE CODE CRACKER, Woodleigh Farm LLC.

Western Country Pleasure:  1) CH O AIN’T I SOMETHIN’, Luanne Kilday Malone; (tie) 2) JUST GIVE ME A REASON, Kimberly/Dennis Gallenberg; 2) MOUNTAINVIEW’S SUPREME RULER, Laura Bumgarner.

Hunter Country Pleasure:  1) CH HARLEM’S SWEET SUCCESS, Phyllis/Caitlin Brannon; 2) LEVI STRAUSS, Barbara Southgate.

Saddle Seat Equitation Adult:  1) REAGAN UPTON; 2) ASHLEY BRANDIES.

Saddle Seat Equitation:  1) BURNETTE E. BRAUN; 2) MALIKA KEGLOWITSCH.

Saddle Seat Equitation Walk and Trot:  1) AMANDA TREMPER; 2) EMMA WRIGHT.

Pleasure Equitation:  1) NICOLE LEONE; 2) COURTNEY GRANT.

Walk and Trot Pleasure:  1) TANTARA’S MAGIC DECISION,  Three Bears’ Farm LLC; 2) WARRIOR’S WARHAWK, Kendall/Mary Vivian Cobb.

Open English Pleasure:  1) CH BACARDI SILVER, Laura Berg; 2) SUNLIGHT AND SHADOWS, Kathleen Melious.

Open Pleasure Driving:  1) BROADWAY’S LAST KNIGHT, Deen Walsh; 2) TAKING A CHANCE, Delynn/Debbie/Darrell Uttecht.

Open Western Pleasure:  1) PHINE PROWLER, Carole D. Downs; 2) REGIME CHANGE, Luanne Kilday Malone. 

Open Hunter Pleasure:  1) APPARENT MAGNITUDE, Sarah Savage; 2) LEVI STRAUSS, Barbara J. Southgate.

Parade:  1) JACKSON PARK, Jennifer/Michael Cunningham; 2) NADIA COMANECI, Cheri L. Wise.

Working Western Pleasure and Trail:  1) WALTERWAY’S LATEST NEWS, Ginny Beth Norton; 2) EVER GLADE’S HOTSPUR, Jack/BetCson.

Jumper:  1) VHF RHYTHM’S LICORICE MAKER, Rebecca P. Stewart.

Hunter:  1) MISTY FIZZ BEAUTY, Team American Saddlebreds/Lillian L Halvorsen; 2) WIRED TO CODE, Grace Hable.

In Hand:  1) SYRINX, Candy C. Gierke; (tie) 2) LION HEART, Catherine Nessinger; 2) CALLAWAY’S LANDSLIDE, Doreen M. Norris.

Youth Showmanship:  1) HAILEY KITTREDGE; 2) MICHAEL COOKE.