ASHA 2014 Awards


2014 ASHA High Point Awards


Five-Gaited Open:  1) CH FIVE O’CLOCK, Geraldine S. Meanor M.D.; 2) CALLAWAY’S BORN A WINNER, Alexandra Wingfield.

Five-Gaited Open Amateur:  1) SILVER AND BLUE, Barbara Vincent; 2) REEDANN’S TREASURE OUR TALK, Tresha Nielsen.

Five-Gaited Open Junior Exhibitor: 1) CH MOONLIGHT MEMORIES, Pair of Jacks Stables LLC; 2) HARRY BLACKSTONE, Juanita/Gabriella Snyder.

Five-Gaited Ponies:  1) LITTLE LORD HUNTLY, Brenda M. Kelly; 2) CAMELOT’S RIDING OUT THE STORM, Susie Sutton.

Three-Gaited Open:  1) TUFFY’S COMMANDER, Tina Gunby Smith; 2) SILVER EXCHANGE, Leann Delange/Michael Krick.

Three-Gaited Amateur:  1) CALLAWAY’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER, Rhonda Feldman; 2) IN THE WIND, Carol S. Reedy.

Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor:  1) LULU GUINESS, Snider Farms; 2) IN THE WIND, Sydnie Bumpus.

Three-Gaited Ponies: 1) THUNDER GONE WILD, Triple D Holdings LLC; 2) CH POWERFUL TANGO, Woodlea Farms LLC.

Fine Harness Open:  1) TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, Carol S. Reedy; 2) CAPTAIN BRECKINRIDGE, Michael/Debra F. Ohlson.

Fine Harness Open Amateur:  1) MAGICAL PROMISES, High Spirits Farm LLC; 2) BUMP IN THE NIGHT, Dede Disbrow.

Three-Gaited Park Open:  1) CH E TICKET, Edward/Kathi Morris; 2) THE FINAL FOUR, Donna Kuhbander /Carrie Kuhbander-Grooms.

Three-Gaited Park Open Amateur:  1) CH NUTTIN DOING, Suzanne Wright; 2) AMBER’S BLUE THUNDER, Margo Coleman.

Three-Gaited Park Open Junior Exhibitor:  1) CH LET’S TALK, Pair of Jacks Stables LLC; 2) HELLO BOMBSHELL, MLS Equestrian LLC.

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult:  1) CH QUIDDITCH, Janet M. Thompson; 2) CH DESERT SUPREME KID, Kokopelli Equine LLC.

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor: 1) CH I’M SOMETHING WICKED, Pair of Jacks Stables LLC; 2) HARLEM’S CLASS ACT, Leanne Mayberry/Megan Schultz.

Park Pleasure:  1) DOUBLETREES DISTINCTIVE, Patrick/Kelle Howard; 2) PARK AVENUE DIVA, Nancy Rothe Egezeino.

Park Pleasure Driving:  1) LEATHERWOODS’S LIPSTICK JUNGLE, Mary S. Strang; 2) CAPTIVE SOUL, Leslie Hepler Reynolds.

Park Pleasure Junior:  1) I’M A FASHIONISTA, Redwind Saddlebred Farm LLC; 2) KALARAMA’S PROSPERO, David B. Rudder.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult:  1) SYRINX, Carla C. Gierke; 2) CH DON’T KNOW NUTTIN’, Suzanne Wright.

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) ROSEMONT’S MYSTRE, Bailey Longman; 2) CH A STARLESS NIGHT, Morghan/Melissa Alley.

Show Pleasure Driving:  1) CH THE GREAT GASPAR, Chris/Janet Sturm; 2) WHO, Cathy J. Rogers-Holmes.

Three-Gaited Pleasure Ponies:  1) NATIVE ROSE, Shawn/Susan Robinson; 2) CH AMELIA HEIR CAT, Katherine Anne Smith.

Five-Gaited Country Pleasure: 1) ROYAL CREST’S SHOT ON THE ROCKS, Dena/Allen E. Hall; 2) MY HEIRISTOTLE, Gregg E./Marie Nielsen.

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Adult: 1) CH TALKIN’ TO YOU, Vickie Diane Byrd; 2) ARE WE THERE YET?, Alyssa Brown.

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) MOONOPOLY, Dr. Patricia A. Nahn; 2) MOUNTAINVIEW’S SUPREME RULER, Laura Bumgarner.

Country Pleasure Driving:  1) CH CARISSIMO, Maria Gilman; 2) CH CALLAWAY’S CUMULUS, Susan Aschenbrenner.

Western Country Pleasure: 1) CHARMING IN BLUE, Pat Johnson/Nealia McCracken; 2) CH THE EVANGELIST, Liz Schultz.

Hunter Country Pleasure:  1) GILDED IMAGE, Jill Wilson; 2) REEDANN’S SEMPER PHI, Forward Farm LLC/ Ginger Schinktgen.

Saddle Seat Equitation Adult: 1) REAGAN HUGULEY; 2) ASHLEY BRANDIES.

Saddle Seat Equitation:  1) GRACE ALLISON; 2) NICOLOE RODRIGUEZ.

Saddle Seat Equitation Walk and Trot:  1) ALAYNA APPLEGATE; 2) AVA KIMMEL

Pleasure Equitation:  1) LAUREN WHITE; 2) SARAH ELLIOTT.

Walk and Trot Pleasure:  1) CHINABERRY, Catherine/Makenzie Moore; 2) NIGHT SIGHT, Katherine/Jennifer Horner.

Open English Pleasure: 1) ROCKY BAY, Julie/Walter Witthoff; 2) CH SIGNIFY, Kari Tolkacz.

Open Pleasure Driving: 1) THE KNIGHT’S IMAGE, Yvette Marie Broussal; 2) WILD ROSE GRAY, Holly Henson.

Parade: 1) PADDYNGTON’S MARK OF DISTINCTION, Holly A. Armstrong; 2) MAJOR COOL, Carla C. Gierke.

Working Western Pleasure and Trail:  1) JUST A SMUDGE, Jenny L. Paetz; 2) I’D RATHER BE BLUE, Janet M. Thompson.

Jumper:  1) NITE OF FAME, Lindsay Hunter.

Hunter: 1) ABSOLUTE EMPRESS, Abigail/Jean Phelps Mutrux; 2) HIGHLAND’S SURPRISE, Melissa Heres.

In Hand: 1) SYRINX, Carla C. Gierke; 2) ORISSA, Carla C. Gierke.

Youth Showmanship:  1) TAYLOR MANSOUR; 2) LUCY MELLEMA.


2014 National Pleasure Horse Award Winners


Five-Gaited Show Pleasure:  1) CH I’M SOMETHING WICKED, Pair of Jacks Stables LLC.

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor:  1) CH CALLAWAY’S WINNING NUMBER, Ever Glades Farm, Inc.

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Adult:  1) MIGHTY THOR, Carol Hillenbrand; 2) CH DON’T KNOW NUTTIN’, Suzanne Wright.

Country Pleasure Driving: 1) CH CALLAWAY’S CUMULUS, Susan Aschenbrenner.

Show Pleasure Driving:  1) CH IRRESISTIBLE  DESIGN, Susan/Elizabeth James LLC.

Western Country Pleasure:  1) BLUSHING BULL, Suzanne Bradshaw.

Hunter Country Pleasure: 1) SIR DON JUAN, Marie Gwinn; 2) WILD ABOUT YOU, Kristopher/Andrea Miller



Training Level: 1) PRATENSE’S REJOICE, Paul Briney; 2) DENMARK’S DECLAIRE, E. Susan Vine; 3) WINSDOWN’S WINDROSE, Pamela Polydoros.

First Level:  1) PRATENSE’S RENAISSANCE MAN, Sally/Paula Briney; 2) KEYPER OF THE LEGACY, Melody Crist.

Western Dressage Division:  1) DIAMONDS LADY LUCK, Susan E. Conners.



Combined Driving:  VAROOM, Pratense Farms/Paul and Sally Jo Briney.

Eventing:  WABI SABI, Kimberly Cartier Dome.


2014 USDF All Breeds Award Winners


Training Level Junior/Young Rider: Hannah Allen, HOT JAMMIN’ BLUES, Bethany Nehse.

Training Level Open:  1) HOT JAMMIN’ BLUES, BETHANY NEHSE; 2) CROSSWIND’S WHATACYTE, Ingrid Baranski.

First Level: 1) LA RITZ GYPSY BELLE, Debra Sumner; 2) PRATENSE’S RENAISSANCE MAN, Sally/Paula Briney.

Third Level:  DANCIN UP A STORM, Debra Sumner.


2014 ASHA Sport Horses Registered Saddlebreds


Dressage:  1) (tie)WINSDOWN’S WINDROSE, Pamela Polypros; KUMALA CHAMPAGNE, Lynn Jarvis; 2) DR. GENE, Nicole Weston.

Western Dressage: 1) DIAMONDS LADY LUCK, Susan Conners.

Combined Driving: 1) VAROOM, Pratense Farm/Mr. and Mrs. Paul Briney.

Eventing: 1) RIVA’S REVENUE, Nancy Fronczak; 2) WABI SABI, Kimberly Cartier Dome.

Distance Riding: 1) GENIUS NORTHERN TUXEDO, Lisa/Carlos Siderman.


2014 ASHA High Point Awards Registered



Dressage:  1) KEYPER OF THE LEGACY, Melody Crist; 2) DANCIN UP A STORM, Debra Sumner.

Distance Riding: 1) WCF SUMM CYTE, Lynn Mahoney.



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